Dream IDE Reborn version 4, by Andrews

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A new redesigned version of the hugely popular IDE Reborn board for 2018.

The simplest way to unlock the IDE capability of your Sega Dreamcast.

Attach an IDE Hard Drive or Compact Flash card reader and enjoy.

Free IDE Header & Pin Reference Sheet with every order.

Improvements over v3:

  • Better manufacturing quality; thinner more flexible PCB's for easier soldering, Rerouted traces, no longer need to shave plastic standoffs to get a good fit.
  • 2.5 inch (44pin) IDE added; Now you can choose to attach either 44pin or 40pin IDE header (or both) great for compact flash readers or 2.5 inch drives. 5v power supplied.
  • New jumper on IDE P1; Some IDE to SATA convertors behave unreliably with pin 1 connected so a small easy to remove jumper has been added to the IDE Reborn to make it easy to connect/break connection to pin 1.


  • Pre-cut PCB overlay for Dreamcast motherboard, compatible with VA1 and VA0 variants.
  • Load GD-Rom Images directly from a storage device.
  • Keep you existing GD-ROM drive fully functional, play all your original Dreamcast disc's and make back-ups
  • Additional +5v DC breakout.
  • Pads for an HDD Activity LED + SMD resistor.

This is a self assembly component which requires detailed PCB soldering, not suitible for a first project. I am not responsible for what you do once you pick up your soldering iron.

We do provide personal support on every item and are more than happy to chat, answer questions and give advice. is the only official reseller for GameTracks and we provide official, native english customer support, I am a huge video game nerd and do a lot of console mods, dont be afraid to hit me up.

Happy hacking 🙂

- KingStarsRobot.

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