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Tarepanda no Gunpey


My collection of Wonderswan games is small and to be honest it’s the most ‘collector-ish’ of all my stuff. I can hardly understand how to play the games due to my functionally illiterate level of Japanese comprehension. Numbers! I understand…

Combat Lynx


Here is Combat Lynx from Durrell, 1984. I know nothing about this game apart from it comes in an offensively massive box and it has something to do with a helicopter… It’s written in pure machine code apparently. Let’s see…

Hungry Horace


Here is my copy of the ubiquitous Horace, lets see if the bugger will still load after all these years. What is this nonsense? Ahh… I plugged the cables in wrong, let me try again. The game isn’t much cop…

ZX Spectrum


My friend who gave this to me has sadly passed away now, big up Anthony Nolan Trust. When I got her, she didn’t work at all. I replaced the keyboard membrane (not much fun) and added a composite video signal….

Sinclair ZX81


The oldest machine I have is this Sinclair ZX81 its about due for a composite mod but as I don’t have any software for it it’s on the back burner currently.